The M6-C Artificial
Cervical Disc

The Natural Choice for M6 Disc Replacement

The M6-C™ artificial cervical disc is an innovative next-generation option for people needing artificial disc replacement as an alternative to spinal fusion. This unique product is designed to mimic your natural disc’s structure and movement, including backward and forward, up and down, side to side, and rotate left and right. In addition, the M6-C disc is the only disc featuring a shock-absorbing nucleus and fiber annulus that work together to replicate the controlled range of movement and cushioning effect of your natural spine. By allowing your spine to move naturally, the M6-C disc is designed to also potentially minimize the stress to discs above and below the treated level.

Watch the video below to see how the M6-C disc is designed to restore natural motion and shock absorption to the spine.

The M6-C Artificial Disc Components

individual components of the M6-C disc

  • Titanium endplates anchor the disc to the bones of neighboring vertebrae, providing long-term stability.
  • Artificial nucleus is composed of viscoelastic polymer.
  • Artificial annulus is composed of polyethylene fiber material.
  • The annulus and nucleus work together to replicate the controlled range of movement and cushioning effect of the natural disc at the treated level.

For more information about the M6-C disc, download the patient brochure below.

Learn More About the M6-C Disc Design

The M6-C disc is the only artificial disc that mimics the anatomic structure of a natural disc by incorporating an artificial nucleus and fiber annulus in its design. Like a natural disc, the unique design of the M6-C disc allows for shock absorption and provides a controlled range of motion at the treated level. This “natural” motion is intended to provide you with the freedom to move your neck naturally.

U.S. Clinical Studies

Like many new medical devices available in the U.S., the M6-C artificial cervical disc was evaluated through a large Investigational Device Exemption clinical study to ensure the device was safe and effective prior to making it available to surgeons.

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Instructions For Use

Review the safety information and/or download the IFU for full information on instructions for use, contraindications, warnings, precautions, adverse reactions information, and sterilization on our parent website.

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