Is the M6-C artificial cervical disc a one-piece device?

The M6-C disc is a one-piece construct. The M6-C disc is designed to replicate the anatomic structure of a natural disc by incorporating an artificial nucleus and annulus into its design. The artificial nucleus of the M6-C disc is composed of a compressible polycarbonate urethane material. The artificial annulus is a polyethylene fiber structure that is wound in multiple redundant layers around the artificial nucleus and through titanium endplates. Together, the artificial nucleus and annulus are designed to provide motion characteristics similar to that of a natural disc. The M6-C disc also has a polymer sheath surrounding the artificial nucleus and artificial annulus designed to minimize any tissue in-growth as well as the migration of wear debris. The titanium plates have serrated fins for anchoring the disc to the bones of neighboring vertebrae. These titanium plates are coated with a titanium plasma spray that is intended to promote bone growth onto the plates, providing long-term stability of the M6-C artificial cervical disc in the disc space.

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